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The Nest Golf Club at Friday Harbour

National Pines Golf Club

DISCOUNTED EVENT FEES AT CLUBLINK COURSES FOR CLUBLINK MEMBERS                                                       
Tour players, who are also ClubLink members, will receive, courtesy of ClubLink, event discounts at the Grandview , National Pines and Blue Springs events. ClubLink will not be charging The Tour for you to play at those events. The Tour will charge you the full amount (as the billing is automated) but will then refund you the difference between the event fee and $80 (Plus HST). One week prior to each event, ClubLink members must send an email to the Host Club's Director of Golf and cc Mark Young. The email is to request from the Director of Golf, his/her confirmation that they will not be charging The GTA AM Tour for you, the ClubLink Member, to play in the event. 

Tee Times

Expected Type: Straight
To see an estimate of approximate tee times for your Flight, please go to Events / Schedule / 2022 / Event Info.