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The following events are available for your flight. All prices are in CAD and exclude HST.
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Upon registering for each event, players will be charged a non-refundable deposit of $20 (Plus HST) which will be charged to the player credit cards at midnight on the day the player registered.

Tour Player Golf Self Evaluation

When a player goes to register for their first event of the 2018 season, they will be asked a series of questions that will help them to evaluate their golf knowledge. Players may refer to the website when answering the questions. Players achieving a score of 100% will receive a ballot for a draw for a round of golf at Coppinwood Golf Club.

Withdrawal & Terms

Players must withdraw themselves at least 21 days prior to each event to avoid a late cancellation fee. If you would like to withdraw from an event and are unable to do so, please email Peter Norrie.

Additional Information

Major Event

Awards 50% more Order of Merit points. 

36 hole Event

Points will only be awarded to players competing for both rounds. 


Virtual Net Match Play Event 


Carts included in cost 


Dinner after round 1 included in cost 

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