Rules of Golf

Hard Card (Local Rules & Terms of Competition)

The Rules of Golf as approved by the USGA, the R&A and Golf Canada govern play.  These Local Rules and Terms of the Competition are in effect at all GTA AM TOUR competitions.  See the applicable Notice to Players for the competition for modifications or additions to these Local Rules and Terms of Competition.  

Players can educate themselves in the following ways:

Both the USGA and R&A have free mobile apps, available on both the Apple and Android platforms.  These apps are a great way to learn the rules, without the need to purchase the publications. If you have any questions regarding the rules of golf, please contact the tour team.

Pace of Play


Everyone would like to play a round of golf in a reasonable time. To that end, we ask each player to be aware of maintaining their group's position to the group in front of them. It is that SIMPLE. Please be a leader in your group and let your fellow playing partners know if you have lost the group in front of you. This will put the onus on everyone to find ways to play more quickly. Check out this video to learn how to play more efficiently without needing to rush any of your pre-shot routines.

The Tee Box

  • Be aware of your position with regard to the group ahead of you.
  • Check your scorecard for the expected allotted time.  
  • Follow the flight of all tee shots, not just your own.
  • Play a provisional ball if you think your ball may be lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds.
  • Mark your scorecard when others are preparing to hit their shots.

The General Area

  • Be aware of your position with regard to the group ahead of you.
  • In the fairway, play your ball and then help others look for theirs. 
  • Be ready to play as soon as it is your turn to play. 
  • Determine your yardage and make your club selection before it is your turn to play. Very often, you can do this while others are hitting or preparing to hit and, without disruption. 
  • If you feel that your group is losing ground, tell the other players in your group.
  • If the player whose turn it is to play is not ready - and you are - let the others know that you will go ahead, if you can do so safely. 

The Green

  • Be aware of your position with regard to the group ahead of you.
  • Place your golf bag/cart at the "exit" area of the green. 
  • On the putting green, repair your pitch mark, remove loose impediments and line up your putt while others are playing. Do so without disturbance to others. 
  • Move off the green as soon as all players in your group have holed out and mark score cards at or on the way to the next tee. 
  • Finish short tap in putts right away. It is not necessary to mark and align a short tap in. 


Driving Range & Practice Green

On The Green

Fixing Divots

Repairing Ball Marks

Raking Bunkers

Entering a Bunker

An excellent way for players of all handicaps to develop their competitive golf skills and heighten their game.

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