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Event Day Details







1. Do I have to pay a membership fee to compete in GTA AM Tour events?

The 2019 Tour Registration fee is $125 (plus HST). The first 450 players to register will receive Sponsor products and services, at their first event, valued at $200.

2. What is included with the membership fee?

The GTA AM Tour provides players with access to some of the finest Private and Public golf courses in Canada to compete in Tour-quality, professionally run one day events in addition to 3 Major Championships and a Tour Championship. The first 450 players who pay the 2019 Tour Registration fee will, at their first event, receive $200 in Sponsor products and services. 

Opportunity for access to and, discounted play, on some on the participating courses in this years Tour in addition to Sponsor discounts.   

See “Tour Overview” section of the website for more information.

3. When will my credit card be charged?

The Tour registration fee will be charged to your card when you register for the current season.

A $20 non-refundable deposit will be charged to your credit card when you register for an event. 

The balance of the Tournament Fee will be charged to your credit card three weeks prior to each event.

Players withdrawing inside of three weeks prior to an event will be subject to a minimum administrative cancellation fee of $80 plus HST. However, if the host course will not provide a refund, the player will be billed the entire cost of his or her green fee.

Players who register less than one week prior to an event will pay an additional $10 (plus HST) administration fee.
Any player who does not show for his or her tee time at a scheduled event will be subject to a minimum charge of $100. However, if the host course does not provide a refund, the player will be charged the full price of the event fee.

If The Tour is unable to process a players’ credit card the player will be charged a minimum $25 processing fee. Please log into your Tour account and ensure The Tour has your current credit card information.

4. How do I update my credit card?

Once logged in to your player account and on your Dashboard, click “Update Your Card”, located directly below your next scheduled event. 

5. What if I need to withdraw from an event?

Players withdrawing inside of three weeks prior to an event will be subject to a minimum administrative cancellation fee of $80 plus HST. However, if the host course will not provide a refund, the player will be billed the entire cost of his or her green fee.

6. What does it cost to play in each tournament?

Fees for each event vary based on venue, tournament location and type of event.  Most Tournaments are one day events, however Major Tournaments are typically two rounds played over two days.  All event fees include registration and green fees, use of the host courses practice facilities, prizes and draws.

Check the “Events Schedule” for more information.

7. How do I register for The Tour and events?

Register online at - click on “Join Now” to create your Tour profile.  Once your Handicap Factor has been set up and/or verified and you are assigned to a Flight, you can register for events on the “Events Schedule” page of the website.

When you register for an event, you will immediately be charged a non-refundable deposit of $20 (Plus HST). Out of respect for your fellow Tour players, please ensure you intend to compete in the event prior to registering. 

8. How does the Notify Me List work?

When a player withdraws from an event that is full, you will receive an automated email if you have signed up for the Notify Me List. If you still wish to play, log into the website, withdraw from the Notify Me list and then register. Whoever gets there first takes the vacancy. If you are unable to secure the spot, you may go back onto the list and wait for the next opening.

9. I am a ClubLink member. Do I get a discount on tournament fees?

Tour players, who are also ClubLink members, will receive, courtesy of ClubLink, an event discount at Grandview GC. The Tour will charge you the full amount (as the billing is automated) but will then refund you the difference between the event fee and $80 (Plus HST). One week prior to the event, ClubLink members must send an email to the Host Club's Director of Golf and cc Mark Young. The email is to request from the Director of Golf, his/her confirmation that they will not be charging The GTA AM Tour for you, the ClubLink Member, to play in the event. On the day of the event, ClubLink members are required to check in with the Golf Shop and show their ClubLink identification.

Event Day Details

1. Can I use my electronic measuring device (i.e. sky caddie, laser or cellphone GPS) during a tournament?

During GTA AM Tour Tournaments, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only (all cell phones, pagers and other electronic communications devices are strictly prohibited during play. Penalty for breach of this rule is disqualification).  If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device which is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (i.e., gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 4.3(1)  the penalty for the first beach is the general penalty (2-strokes), penalty for the second breach is disqualification.  These penalties will apply regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.


2. Where and when are the starting tee times posted?

Tee times will be posted on The Tour’s website 5-7 days prior to an event.  In addition, individual players will receive an email 5-7 days prior to the event with their tee time, playing partners, and general information pertaining to the event, i.e. directions, local rules, etc.

3. What is the tee off sequence at events?

For all one day events and the second day of two day events, players tee off the first tee in threesomes in the following order: Champ Flight, A Flight, Seniors’ Flight, B Flight, C Flight, and Recreational Flight. On the first day of two day events, players will tee off in a shotgun format. Individual tee times will be emailed to players 4-5 days prior to the event.

Your tee time will be dependent on your Flight, the number of Tournament players, time of year and, sometimes, weather. However, The Tour typically begins teeing players off between 7am and 8am. 

4. Where should I go when I get to the tournament?

The GTA AM Tour has a Registration Table set up for players to check in, receive Local Rules information and a copy of the Tournament Pin Sheet. Please check in at least one half hour before your tee time and be available at the Starter's Tent ten minutes before your tee time.

5. Are power carts included?

There are a few events where power carts are included (see the Event Schedule); however power carts are available to players to rent from the golf course if players so choose.

6. Are caddies permitted?

Players are permitted to use a caddie during play. Please ensure your caddie knows and understands the Rules and Etiquette of the game of golf. Please also ensure your caddie does not cause your play to slow down. If a player’s caddie would like to use a cart during play, the player or caddie will be subject to the host course’s shared cart fee.  Furthermore, if a player’s caddie would like to use a cart, the player must contact Tour staff at least eight days prior to event date to ensure availability of carts. Please note: for any breach of a rule of golf by a caddie, the player receives the applicable penalty.

7. How are tee times determined for Majors?

Round 1 of two-day Majors will be a shotgun start. Round 2 of Majors will, as usual, see players tee off the first tee in threesomes, with the leaders going out last in their respective Flights. The tee time for the first round will be emailed at least five days prior to the tournament. Tee times for the second day will be emailed to players after round one is completed. Please see the event pages for details on starting times and power carts for each round. 

8. What is The Tour's weather policy?

In the case of inclement weather, the GTA AM Tour will, in conjunction with the host course, make a decision regarding the event at the course and not beforehand. Please arrive for your scheduled tee time.  Weather conditions can and do vary drastically. Please see Section D of the Tour Policies for more information on inclement weather. 

In the event the Tournament is cancelled, The Tour will notify registered players via email as soon as possible. 


1. How many events do I have to play in during the season?

There is no minimum, so players can enter to play in as many events as they choose. The season long Myrtle Beach Order of Merit (see below) uses points earned in your best 10 events.

Tour players who have played at least five 2019 Tour rounds may participate in the Air Canada Tour Championship and are eligible for Order of Merit Points and event prizing. Majors count as two rounds. If a player does not have five rounds, he/she may still play in the Air Canada Tour Championship, in the Recreational Flight.

2. What are the prizes?

See Prizing section of the website 

3. What is the Order Of Merit Race and how do I earn points?

The GTA AM Tour also features a season long Order of Merit competition in which points are awarded to every player, based on the order of finish in each event (see chart below). Overall Champions in each Flight will be announced after the Tour Championship and will be based on the player's BEST 10 of 31 EVENTS. Points awarded at the season Majors will be increased by 50% and will be doubled for the Tour Championship. In the event of a tie, Order of Merit places will be decided by the player's 11th BEST EVENT. If still tied, the player who has competed in most events will be awarded the place.

Standing Points
1st 100
2nd 75
3rd 60
Standing Points
4th 50
5th 40
6th 35
Standing Points
7th 30
8th 25
9th 20
Standing Points
10th 15
11th – 20th 10
21st – 30th 5
31st & higher 1

4. Can my Order of Merit Points be transferred between Flights?

Points can only be transferred between gross score competition Flights (Champ, A, B and C). In the event a player moves to a lower Flight, their Order of Merit points shall be reduced by 25% or by an amount that will place the player in a tie for fourth place in the Flight they are moved to, whichever results in the lowest placement. If a player moves to a higher Flight (e.g. “A” to “B”) they shall retain the points gained in the lower Flight.

5. Is anyone eligible to play in the Air Canada Tour Championship?

Air Canada Tour Championship – Qualification Requirements

Players are eligible to compete, for points and prizing, in the Air Canada Tour Championship based on the following criteria:

  1. Players who play a minimum of five rounds of golf with The Tour during the 2019 season. Majors count as two rounds. 
  2. Players who have not yet registered (must be on the Notify Me list) but have finished in the top seven (after the Bigwin tournament) in their respective Flights.

Players who have registered for the Tournament but do not meet the above criteria will not be eligible for Air Canada Tour Championship points or prizing


1. How do I figure out what Flight I am in?

Players will be assigned to one of 5 competitive Flights based on the handicap index:

Flight Name Handicap
Champ. Flight up to 4.9
A Flight 5.0 – 9.9
B Flight 10.0 – 14.9
C Flight 15.0 – 25.9
Seniors' Flight up to 25.9
R Flight -

2. Are women permitted to play on The Tour?

There are two ways women can compete on Tour: 

1. Women can play in one of the  competitive Flights (CH, A, B, or C). In order to compete in one of these Flights, six strokes will be added to a woman's Handicap Factor to have them play in the correct Flight and from the correct yardages. 

2. Women can play for fun in the Recreational Flight 


3. Who is eligible to play in the Seniors' Flight?

Players, in this division, must be at least 55 years of age, as of April 28, 2019 (the day of the first Tour event of the season).

Seniors’ Flight is for players with a Handicap Factor between 25.9 and under. All Seniors will play from the B Flight tees, in the range of 6,000-6,400 yards and will tee off following the A Flight.

Players competing in the Seniors' Flight will do so in a Net Stableford format. This point system sees players receiving one point for a net bogey, two points for a net par, three points for a net birdie, four points for a net eagle and five points for a net double eagle. The player with the highest points accumulation will win the event.

Ties will be resolved as per The Tour's card matching protocol on a net score basis


1. Where can I find out more about the tournament rules?

Additional information regarding the Tournament Rules and procedures can be found in the following sections of the website:
Tour Policies
Hard Card 
Rules of Golf
Pace of Play


1. Am I required to have a Golf Canada handicap factor index?

Yes, all players need to have an up-to-date, verified Golf Ontario index in order to be flighted appropriately. If you do not already have an index contact The Tour and inquire about joining the Tours Handicap Club (which by the way is just the same as joining the Golf Ontario Public Players Program).

2. What does The Tour do to maintain the integrity of players’ handicap factors?

As part of The GTA AM Tour's mandate to provide a fair and equitable playing field for all players, we regularly conduct reviews of the handicap factors of our players. This measure, as well as multiple opportunities for peer review on our website, is an important part of what makes The Tour an equitable and special place to compete. 

For more information on The Tour’s handicap policy and on the importance of the currency and accuracy of our players’ handicaps, please visit:



1. I have a question about The Tour - who should I contact?

Please visit the “Contact” section of the website and you may direct your inquiry to the appropriate Tour Team member. 

For general inquiries, please email