This section always makes us blush

I wanted to thank you and the whole staff at the tour for the awesome experiences I’ve had at every event I’ve played, the events are so well run and all of us players feel like we get treated so well. Playing on the tour the past few years has helped me grow so much as a competitive golfer and taught me so much about myself and my golf game in different situations.

Thanks for letting me join the AM Tour. I have registered for a number of events already.
More importantly I took your advice on handicapping to heart. I went to the Golf Canada site and read the section on handicapping. It was quite revealing to learn all I do not know.
Again thanks for the opportunity and see you during the season


Thank you very much for putting this together, and congratulations to you and your team for a job well done.

Although I wished I could play better, I thoroughly enjoyed the first GTA AM Tour event that I participated in. I’m looking forward to the next and many events.

A quick note simply to say thank you for all that you do to make the Tour so enjoyable for all of us.
It truly must be a labour of love to do what you and your staff do for us when we simply just get to show up and play some of the most spectacular venues!
You and your staff are fantastic.
I cannot understate this.
Thank you very very much!

I can not believe that we are half way through the season already, just a quick note of thanks for making golf fun again. I have been a member at private clubs for most of my life in both England and Canada and I have to say that the product that you and your team deliver every week is spectacular, its like showing up to the Club Championships every week without all the BS. Everything from communication, sign in, 1st tee experience, on course set up with rules officials and multiple spotters, on line scoring and the weekly prize table is nothing short of outstanding. To top things off Playing golf the way it is meant to be played is truly a rewarding experience. I would highly recommend the tour to anyone who loves the game and wants to enjoy testing themselves against the course.

I want to thank you and all your staff for a fun and memorable season.
While my game was well below par, but not in a good way, your staff made event worthwhile.
From the smiling face at the welcome desk, the hugs at the first tee, the diligent marshals on course, the sympathetic rules officials , all the way to Jason having to record my hideous results, it was all top notch.
If your staff ever doubt their worth, tell them that no one would get up at 5 am, drive 2 hrs plus, just to have a horrible day.
We get up because no matter the score, we leave the tournament feeling like a champion.

Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for making my first year on tour so enjoyable. Everything is so well organized and all the guys are great and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my summer. Looking forward to seeing you in the spring and to another season!

I just wanted to say thanks for a great day. This was my first event and won't be my last. It's a really well run tour.

I like the fact that I got to tee up with the A flight guys early in the morning so I could still make it into work. I can't wait for my next event at Scarborough GC.


Here's a great big congratulations for a job well done, first time I've seen so many .... nearly all events booked this early in the season. Looking forward to a great summer with your team on the links.


I am very much looking forward to meeting the group and playing in some of these events. Fantastic list of courses!

I was so impressed with the level of detail and content on the website. It made joining up a no brainer.

Your fast and easy access to the tour has been a joy for me, to say the least. I appreciate your quick responses and professional management... looking forward to it, already sounds like a great choice for me and my golf buddies..

Again, Thanks!

The GTA AM Tour has been a special place to play competitive golf and I'll tell ya why...

My intention with the Tour was to gain competitive experience to turn pro. To face challenges/fears and meet the moment was part of my journey.

Even though my time on Tour was short, I was still able to meet the crew lead by Mark Young. I can truly say that he is a wonderful person and so are the people on his team. Every "check point": drive in (seeing the banners/sponsors), the sign in, first tee experience speech by Mark, ball spotters, marshals and final presentations were all part of an experience that is unique and offers value to each participant.

It felt that the Tour was able to provide me with exactly what I was looking for in advancing myself professionally and personally.

Thank you for time, attention and most importantly FUN! You guys rock, I'm going to miss playing your events.

I just wanted to take the time to say thanks for a great event (no thank you to Mother Nature), my first for GTA AM Tour event and first ever amateur golf tournament. I also wanted to please ask you to let your committee and crew of volunteers know they're doing a great job and it's appreciated. Anything I can do to spread the word about the GTA AM Tour, please feel free to ask. I look forward to my next event.

I would like to thank you for organizing such a tremendous team to work alongside. Even with new staff at the helm they all ran the day like seasoned vets. As I’ve mentioned to you before, I’ve worked with many different Tours over the years and your Tour from organization and execution to the players you attract are first class.


I am enjoying The Tour!!... As always. Thank you for making it what it is, including your staff.


First off, I want to thank you and your staff for allowing me to play, sorry I couldn't have played better, but the greens had my number with 4 three putts and one four putt.

I just want to say the GTA Tour is exactly what the website says it is. After playing the Canadian Tour and also Mini tours in Florida, I did not know what to expect, but after playing your event at Beverly I was totally blown away. Very well organized, presentation gets an A+ and the technical aspect is miles a head of anything else out there. Great job.

I look forward to playing in more events when time allows it.


Just a quick note to thank you for putting together such a wonderful tour. I had a great time today at Wyndance. I will definitely make it a priority to be at more events.

Thanks for you and your team for hosting a wonderful event - in terms of venue, organization, food and attendance. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to playing again next season.


Just wanted to say thanks to you and your crew a great season! I really appreciate all the hard work you and everyone else puts into making The Tour such a great experience.

Please pass on my thanks to everyone. See you next season!


Just wanted to say I had a great time today. It's been 25 years since I last played any version of competitive golf
so it was nice to compete again.

You guys put on a great event!


Really excited about playing in the upcoming Tour events. You and your team do an outstanding job at making these events an enjoyment to participate in.


Thanks for another great event - these are very well organized and fun to play!


You guys have done a great job this year. Looking forward to another great season next year.


First, I would like to say thank you for allowing me to join the GTA Tour, and second it was a nice surprise to see that I could play in the finals at Grand Niagara with only playing 3 events during the regular season.

With my baseball grip and my unique swing I am one of those players that lack consistency and can shoot low scores one day and high the next. But even in saying that, I do enjoy playing and even more so the competition of a Tour Event. I'm looking forward to next year's events.

After only 4 events I can honestly say I am very impressed with your organization. All of your staff are friendly, and always have a smile on their faces.


Thank you for a wonderful year and a job well done by the entire staff and sponsors. I definitely look forward to 2017!


Most organizations have a slogan. Rarely do they live up to it. The GTA Am Tour embodies its slogan: "PLAY LIKE AN AM, GET SPOILED LIKE A PRO"


You and your staff always do a great job. The Tour is so well organized and it always impresses me how well all the events run. The pace of play is always excellent, making for enjoyable rounds. Your attention to the small details shows in every event. Thank you for all your hard work and effort and for giving us amateur golfers a place to play week after week.

I am already looking forward to 2017.


To all the wonderful people who put so much effort into this great experience, a very sincere thank you.

Having Andrew, Adam, Jeff, John, Anne and everyone else out on the course at every event, always helpful and cheerful, make Mondays (and all other event days) the best day(s) of my week. Thank you.

The people behind the scenes that do such great work that we take for granted, Brad, Marshall, Peter, Judy, and Paul, you take the worry out of the simple things like where do I stand, am I getting any better, did I pay and of course how early or late will I play and who I will be playing with. Thank you.

Of course I have to mention the new addition behind the scenes, Mike Alcott. You helped to add a fun new dimension with the Virtual Match Play which was a blast, I hope it draws more players next year and becomes a staple of the tour. Thank you.

The event reports provided by Jay is a great way to wind down after a day at the office and learn about other Tour players and the goings on of the past event, thanks for that Mr. White.

Always being surprised on the course anywhere and on the first tee sometimes by Jason, there to help or just say "hey, how's it going" and the next Jason popping up somewhere to snap yet another great picture is a special bonus of playing on The Tour. Thank you.

And last but most certainly not least, being greeted by Katherine at registration and Mark on the first tee and made to feel like you are the most important person on The Tour is awesome. Thank you.

Each person working at The Tour, without exception, does a great job at whatever they are asked to do on any day. The skill of seeming to know everyone and making each of us feel unique and important, is a very special talent never lose that. You are an amazing group of dedicated people . Thank you.

Mike DiFlorio

Project Development Manager

Thank you to everyone on Tour this year! I can't wait until the 2017 season! A great place to unleash your inner Tour Pro and to create fabulous new friends!


I'm looking forward to playing next year on The Tour, and just wanted to let you know you and your team did a fantastic job. I like the community that I am becoming apart of with this Tour.


I especially appreciate the inclusiveness of The Tour, which is something that I have personally experienced as lacking in the general golfing community. I've always felt welcome and treated equally with the men at every Tour event.

In my opinion The Tour has a great reputation - well deserved - all due to your and your team's hard work and attention to detail. Keep up the great work! I'll be back next season.


Just wanted to say my brother and I had a great time at Coppinwood, what a beautiful course! The weather was a challenge for sure but still fun none the less. You guys did a great job organizing and hosting the event..!


Just wanted to say how much fun I had this season. Everyone involved in the tour is fantastic. You all do a wonderful job. I am already looking forward to next season. Thanks again for an amazing season.


Chris Peixoto

Assistant Golf Professional

Thank you again for the congratulations in regards to officially playing in to get my card at Borden Golf Club. I would also like to thank you and everyone else on the GTA Am Tour for helping me prepare for the playing ability test. Those three years out on tour really helped me understand the pressure of tournament golf, how I should focus on beating the golf course and not focusing on what my competitors are doing, as well as how much fun you can have even if every shot means something. I could not have asked for a better atmosphere to really shape my golf game into what it has become today.

Chris Peixoto
Assistant Golf Professional
FireRock Golf Club

Just wanted to say I had a great time today, you guys do a really good job! Lots of fun, very organized and professional. Looking forward to the next event! Great job, see you soon.

I like to start out with the negative stuff and get it out of the way. There, I got it out of the way. Seriously. I have nothing. I like to offer suggestions etc., but I don't have any as of yet. If something crosses my mind I will let you know. No complaints!!

In terms of the positive, I want to be brief and sincere. You are running a first-rate operation.

Your team, is nothing short of amazing. I have been made to feel exceptionally welcome, and am super grateful for the supportive and non-judgy atmosphere that you've created. Vanessa, Jason, Christy, Brad....(and those I'm forgetting)... Like where did you find these people? You are a prince of a guy, so it's no wonder you've managed to stack your roster. Well played, Sir.

The logistics are established, and as someone who appreciates organizational acumen, your team has them in spades. The crew on the course, most of whose names are evading me, are excellent. Don with the ruling team was so patient with explaining options to my rookie self, and no one has been dismissive of my many exhaustive questions.

I love having the opportunity to get out and play golf, and I enjoy it even more in a competitive atmosphere. I'm so grateful to you and your organization for enabling me to meet new friends and get real about a pretty fun sport.


I did want to share some thoughts and observations with everyone after completing my "rookie" season on the GTA Am Tour. I can tell you that you and your organization far exceeded my expectations. For the golfers, we show up and we are treated like professionals and we have the privilege to play at some of the top courses in the province. These events seemingly run flawlessly and nothing left to chance. Everyone, from the registration desk, to the rules officials and the spotters to the organizing committee deserve a huge thank you from myself.

I can't imagine a slicker operation where you can compete,play for fun,or to play for the experience that actually delivers on what they promise,and I owe you folks a huge thank you for making me feel comfortable and welcome and admittedly, like a player inside the ropes. The unseen efforts from the entire organization never seems to come to light when one is playing or afterwards having a beer while remembering memorable strokes from the day the amount of hard work and effort from countless people that allow people like me can cross this off my bucket list.

On an even happier note, I'm not scratching it off my list any time soon. I'm coming back in 2015 and play even more events thanks to all of you.


Clayton MacKay

veterinary consultant

Just wanted to drop you a note and express my appreciation for being able to play the GTA Tour once again this year. It is a pleasure to be able to play so many great golf courses and at the same time get to mingle with so many folks dedicated to the game of golf. I look forward to every event that I can get on my schedule. Special thanks to the many sponsors that make this all possible and affordable. Using as many of the services and products as possible is my way of saying thanks to them.


First off, let me say I had perhaps one of the most exciting days of golf this past Monday at Lookout Point, my first tournament...ever! The silence on the first tee with you and others holding their hands up was certainly the highest tension 1st tee shot I may have ever played. At 91 I finished t-5 in B flight... not my best but not my worst. So all good. Fantastic actually!

Might I also say that the corporate sponsorship and the tourney organization was utterly first class and I truly felt that I was participating in a "real" golf tournament. From your discussion with us at the first tee to the spotters on the course and the folks processing the scores and results in the clubhouse, I've never experienced anything as well organized and professional (despite being "amateur") in my golfing life.


I know that I speak for the vast majority of players when I say that the GTA Amateur Tour is a "Class A" organization from top to bottom. We, as players, are lucky to be able to gather at such great golf courses and put our best game out there in such a fun environment. It amazes me how you and your team make every event run as smoothly as it looks from our perspective, from the time we get to the course to the time we head home.


Bob Read

Internet travel company

Just dropping you a line to tell you how much I am enjoying the tour. I am impressed with the professionalism of you and all of your staff. You all make our events more enjoyable with your high degree of awareness and understanding of the game of golf. I am eagerly looking forward to the remainder of the tournaments.


Mark, just a quick note to say “thanks and well done” … the GTA Amateur Tour has been a delight to play this year as a rookie!

I think if anyone says they weren't nervous for their first round they are kidding themselves, but once you get into it you'll see it's really just a great group of guys playing golf, having fun and trying to shoot the lowest score they can. Everyone is pulling for everyone to do well.

It will make you a better player too. I learned a lot playing in those events, managing nerves, managing the course, taking your lumps. It's a great experience and if you can afford the time I'd strongly suggest everyone try it. The events are run so well, the courses are great, the people are great, and if you're lucky enough, the prizing is awesome as well.


Just want to thank you and all your staff for another great season with your tour. I have enjoyed every tournament and it has helped me become the golfer I am now. I will continue to recommend this great tour to all my friends and family and I wish you all the best.

I’m having a great time so far and really enjoy the competition. The course venue’s have been great.

Every competitor I’ve played with so far have been great and are true gentlemen. The GTA Amateur Tour has allowed me to hone my golf skills better than any private lesson or other experience. It allows me to play on great courses in a true competitive environment which forces me to focus on each and every shot. I believe it is helping me to become a better golfer. The Tour has helped me tremendously with this. This is proven with my two wins and second place finish.

I wanted to make note of the sponsorships and show my appreciation for their support. I now buy Mill Street Beer, wherever it is available. I have purchased 2 pairs of Sundog sunglasses since joining the tour and I have recently purchased some Addidas golf shirts.

Thanks for putting this Tour together and thanks to all the volunteers.

Being a 'C' Flighter, sometimes the best part of your round is the feeling you get when you remove your golf shoes. Well, that use to be the case until I purchased my first pair of Ecco shoes. Not only do they look stylish but they are, by far, the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever worn. Now, if they could just do the same to my game, they would be priceless. Undoubtedly, I will continue to purchase the Ecco brand, as I have with a new pair of dress shoes.


Bruce Cooke


Thanks Mark for a well organized event throughout the year. Always a great feeling to play competitive golf amongst my peers.

Looking forward to next year.


Awesome tour.


I love being in a competitive environment, pushing myself and trying to figure out how to play my best on demand.

I know you find it very cool and satisfying to hear stories of Tour players getting together as friends away from the tour. It happens a lot, probably much more than you know and is a huge testament to the Tour’s ability to bring really good people together that share common interests and learn to enjoy each others company on and off the golf course.

Such was the case last night, Chappie and I have been hitting the golf sims in Oshawa once, or twice a month during the winter for the last two years. Last night, Scottie (Lundy) jumped in a joined us. And without prior knowledge, who did we meet there also with a planned Sim match….Rick Jones, Michael Corvese and Jake Naccarato. One might call it an unofficial meeting of the Tour’s Durham chapter.

Anyway, lots of fun and clear evidence of tour guys hanging and getting ready for another GTA AM Tour season.