Virtual Net Match Play

Swing Your Way to the Final Four

To provide GTA AM Tour players with a Match Play format competition that provides a fun experience combining all of the unique competitive aspects of Match Play, while also providing an opportunity for players from mixed flights to compete against each other in a NET format.  The first four rounds of the competition will be contested virtually and in combination with designated, regularly scheduled tour events.  The fifth round will include the four finalists that will play in actual head to head competition to determine seating for the Championship and Consolation matches.  The competition will conclude with the completion of the head to head Championship & Consolation matches determining 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places.

This unique NET format will see all players placed in to a single pool from which the brackets will be filled via an automated blind draw.  This randomization will create many cross flight matches and allow players from different flights to compete against each other.  The NET format ensures a level playing field by using course specific handicaps for each player, factoring in the different tee deck slopes and course ratings.

VNMP Outline

  1. A maximum of sixty four (64) players can register online.
  2. Entry fee is $100 + HST (13%) = $113.  To register, please click here 
  3. Registered players must compete in each Match Play event that they qualify for, or concede their match and exit the competition.  Players are responsible and strongly encouraged to register for all of the VNMP events early to ensure their inclusion.
  4. Players will be placed into brackets via Blind Draw.
  5. The Match Play competition will conclude with a 36 hole day consisting of two 18 hole, Semi-Final matches in the morning to determine placement into the 18 hole Championship & Consolation matches to be played in the afternoon.
    • Golf, Cart Fees & Lunch to be provided by the GTA AM Tour for the four semi finalists
    • Players will earn  & accumulate prizes as they advance to the final 8 and final 4.  Players reaching the 36 hole Championship will earn prizing in accordance with their final finishing position of 1st, through 4th place.  
      • Final 8 = Two sleeves of TaylorMade TP5 golf balls
      • Final 4 = Golf, Cart & Lunch during 36 Hole Championship
        • 4th place = One dozen TaylorMade TP5 golf balls
        • 3rd place = Three dozen TaylorMade TP5 golf balls
        • 2nd place = Three dozen TaylorMade TP5 golf balls & Runner Up Trophy
        • 1st place = One $300 TaylorMade gift card & Winner’s Trophy

Virtual Match Play With Handicap

All players competing in the match play event must register and play in the designated regular tour events that include the Match Play competition.

The first four rounds are contested virtually and in combination with the regular tour event. That means, match play competitors will play the designated events as a regular Stroke Play tournament, in their normal assigned flight and from their normal assigned tee decks. But, after completion of the tournament, their Stroke Play score card will be used to establish a Win / Loss / Tie determination against their match play opponent for each of the 18 holes making up that round using current course handicap calculations to provide for a fair competition.  

Examples demonstrating the calculation of strokes in any given match.

Example 1:

If Player A ( having a course handicap of 18 ) plays against Player B ( with a course handicap of 10 ).  Player B plays as scratch, and Player A plays as an 8 (18 minus 10 = 8 course handicap).
Therefore, Player B receives a stroke on the 8 highest rated course handicap holes (1 being the highest), and receives the required strokes on these holes.

Example 2:

If Player A (with a course handicap of 25) plays against Player B (with a course handicap of 0).
Player B plays as scratch and Player A plays as 25 (25 minus 0 = 25 course handicap).
Player B receives 1 stroke on all 18 holes plus an additional stroke (25 minus 18 holes = 7) on the 7 highest rated course handicap holes (1 being the highest).

Designated Events

Round 1

32 players / 16 matches
Monday May 27, 2024

Barrie Country Club

Round 2

16 players / 8 matches
Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Brantford G&CC

Round 3

8 players / 4 matches
Thursday August 8, 2024
Cedar Brae GC



VNMP Championship Day / 36 Holes 

Venue: TBD 

Date: TBD

Morning Tee Off
Semi Final (8AM)

                             4 players / 2 matches

Afternoon Tee Off
Championship & Consolation (1PM)

                                 2 players / Consolation Match
                                 2 players / Championship Match


What Is Match Play

Simply Put; Match Play is a hole by hole competition where the low score on each hole wins the hole. Every hole has a determined outcome where each player in the match will record a Won, Loss or Tie for that hole. The player accumulating more WON holes over the 18 hole match is the winner. During the first 4 rounds that are contested virtually the Won / Loss / Tie determinations will be calculated after completion of the GTA AM Tour’s event that day. The results will be communicated via email and the bracket results updated. Winning players advance to the next round.

Brackets & Blind Draw

The VNMP competition is based on 32 or 64 player slots arranged in a single elimination type bracket.  The website completes a blind/random draw that assigns players a bracket slot 1-64.  If less than 64 players register for the VNMP competition, byes will be assigned to fill out the 64 player slots or the competition will be reduced to 32 if necessary.  The byes will be included into the randomized, blind draw and assigned a player slot 1-64.  Byes can not occupy both player slots of a single match, and all Byes will be resolved in the 1st Round.

The following is a summary of how players advance through the 4 rounds (assuming a full 64 player field), to the Semi Final and then the Championship & Consolation Rounds.

Round 1:  64 players / 32 matches [ 32 winners advance to round 2 ]

Round 2:  32 players / 16 matches [ 16 winners advance to round 3 ]

Round 3: 16 players / 8 matches [ 8 winners advance to round 4 ]

Round 4: 8 players / 4 matches [4 winners advance to the semi-final]

Semi-Final:  4 players / 2 matches determines seating into the Championship & Consolation Matches

Consolation Match:  2 players [ Winner Places 3rd , opponent places 4th ]

Championship Match:  2 players [ Winner places 1st, opponent places 2nd ]

Defining Course Handicap

A player’s Course Handicap is calculated by multiplying their Handicap Index by the slope of the tees played, divided by 113 and then adding course rating minus par.  Each set of tees has a specific slope and rating.

For Example:

Player A's handicap index is 14.6 and he's playing a tee box with a slope of 127, a course rating of 71.7 and a par of 71. The formula to calculate course handicap is: (14.6 x 127 / 113) + (71.7 - 71) = 17.1.  Player A's course handicap is therefore 17 (rounded up or down to the nearest whole number).

Rules For A Tie

In the event of a tie during first four rounds ( that portion of the championship contested virtually ) the winner will be determined according to following Tie Break Procedure.

Applied In Order, As Required.

 1st Tie Break;

  • Player leading for most holes through 18 holes  ( If player A leads the match 1 up or better for 9 holes, player B leads for 3 holes and they were AS for 6 holes; Player A wins )

2nd Tie Break

  • If we are still tied after the above, the same procedure is used for the last 9 holes

3rd Tie Break

  • And if still tied, then the first 9 holes

4th Tie Break

  • And if still tied, then counting back from 18, the last player to hold the lead is declared the winner.

Semi Final, Championship & Consolation Matches

Four players will advance from the Virtual portion of the competition played out over the first 4 rounds and earn placement into the Semi Finals. The Semi Final, Championship and Consolations matches will all be contested in traditional singles Match Play format with players competing head to head and out in twosomes.  The format & rules will remain unchanged from the Virtual portion of the competition with players teeing off from their GTA AM Tour Flight designated tee deck, course handicaps and tee deck adjustments will all be included in the NET calculation determining the Won / Loss / Tie outcome for each hole.

A match tied after 18 holes will be subject to a resolution process announced prior to the start of play on Championship day.
Player Handicaps will not be adjusted between the Semi’s and Championship / Consolation Matches.

Caddies are not permitted during Semi Final, Championship & Consolation Matches.


Registration for the VNMP is now open.   Good luck to all registrants!  Please use this email address for any questions you may have:

An excellent way for players of all handicaps to develop their competitive golf skills and heighten their game.

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