2018 GTA AM Tour Myrtle Beach Trip - EVERYONE Welcome

GTA AM Tour's March 2018 trip to Myrtle Beach is brought to you by Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday.

The GTA AM Tour features season long Gross and Net Order of Merit competitions in which points are awarded to every player, based on the order of finish in each event. Overall Champions in each Division will be crowned at the Air Canada Tour Championship (October 1&2, 2017) and will be based on the player's BEST 10 of 25 EVENTS. Points awarded at the season Majors will be increased by 50% and will be doubled for the Air Canada Tour Championship. In the event of a tie, Order of Merit places will be decided by the player's 11th BEST EVENT. If still tied, the player who has competed in most events will be awarded the place.

There will be a total of 15 winners of a March 2018 Myrtle Beach golf and accommodation trip. The trips will be awarded to the lowest Net player and then to Gross winners as follows:

Flight Name Awarded Positions
Champ. Flight Top 2 Golfers
A Flight Top 3 Golfers
B Flight Top 3 Golfers
C Flight Top 3 Golfers
Seniors' Flight Winner
Women's Flight Winner

We also welcome players to join us who may not have won a trip. It is a GREAT way to kick off the golf season with some warm weather golf on some AMAZING courses…!

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 Tour winners:

Champ Flight - Ryan Taylor and Michael Alderman 

A Flight - Mike Hubbs, Matt Ward and Michael Corvese

B Flight - Michael Cann, Frank O'Brien and Jake Naccarato

C Flight - Rick Jones, Sandy Zajac and Franco Aceto

Seniors' A Flight - Kevin Wallwork 

Seniors' B Flight - David MacLachlan

Women's Flight - Sandra Stuckless

Net Order of Merit winner: Mark Matusiak