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Devil's Pulpit GA - Pulpit

 7:30am First Tee Start

For pictures of the golf course, and a look at past events held at Devil's Pulpit, please view our pictures and videos below. 

Photos courtesy of Yurko Photography
July 19th, 2018 
July 25th 2019
September 3rd, 2019

Photos and video courtesy Capture Scratch.
Sept 5, 2017 Event Photos
May 24, 2016 Event Video
May 24, 2016 Event Photos
May 19, 2015 Event Video
May 19, 2015 Event Photos
May 5, 2014 Event Photos
2012 Tour Championship Photos - Oct.1&2

Course Tour

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Please see the Course Scorecard at the top of this page for yardages for this event. Please note the yardages are approximate and could change based on weather and/or course conditions. 


Please note that the golf shop is debit/credit only.  All forms of payment can be used at the clubhouse.

Tee Times

Start Name Flight
7:30 am Michael Delic CH
7:30 am Cam Gordon CH
7:30 am Graham McCulloch CH
7:40 am Terry Condon CH
7:40 am Tony Mills CH
7:40 am Chris Corvese CH
7:50 am Matthew Ova CH
7:50 am Peter Baker CH
7:50 am Wentworth Willock CH
8:00 am Cory Budovitch CH
8:00 am Stephen McClelland CH
8:00 am Cody Schmeiser CH
8:00 am Ben Mercier CH
8:10 am Matthew MacKay CH
8:10 am Kevin Meisner CH
8:10 am Cristian Taylor R
8:20 am Jack Mitchell A
8:20 am Kevin Henhoeffer CH
8:20 am Johnathan Letterio CH
8:30 am Ashur Elliot CH
8:30 am Rob Serra CH
8:30 am Christian De Cloet A
8:40 am Keith Jolly A
8:40 am Jason Breau A
8:40 am Kim Stankiewicz A
8:50 am Josh Moore A
8:50 am Murray Heywood A
8:50 am Brian Provencal A
9:00 am Break Time
9:10 am Steve Zimmermann A
9:10 am Mike Reynolds A
9:10 am Mark Leslie A
9:20 am Jordan Bedi A
9:20 am Brian Coufal A
9:20 am Mike McLaren CH
9:30 am Peng Tang A
9:30 am Jordan Hutchinson A
9:30 am Bob Barker A
9:40 am Peter Galbraith A
9:40 am Bob Pesarchuk A
9:40 am John Farrugia A
9:50 am Jeff Truman A
9:50 am Michael Alcott A
9:50 am Andrew Mitchell B
10:00 am Mark Stolte A
10:00 am Pavle Nolan A
10:00 am Simon Dearden A
10:10 am Jake Naccarato A
10:10 am Alex Milosavljevic A
10:10 am Danny MacDonald A
10:20 am Arjun Tuteja A
10:20 am Tarik Kamel A
10:20 am Jeremy Choi A
10:30 am Todd Stones SEN
10:30 am Jack Radford SEN
10:30 am Mike Hubbs SEN
10:40 am Tony Papetti SEN
10:40 am Sergio Manera SEN
10:40 am Dick Freeborough SEN
10:50 am Denis Maurice SEN
10:50 am Franco Aceto SEN