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Credit Valley Golf & Country Club

7:30am Start

For pictures of the golf course, and a look at past events held at Credit Valley GCC, please view our pictures below. Photos courtesy of Yurko Photography
June 4th, 2018

Honsberger Physio+ will be providing pre round treatment for this event. To perform your best this season, be sure to book your Sports Performance Massage Therapy session in advance online! Click here to book.

For accommodations for this event, please click here to receive reduced room rates on nearby Choice Hotel facilities.

Credit Valley Golf & Country has a very strict dress code policy.  Please click here to find out more.  Any players not adhering to this dress code will be asked to change or leave the facility.

GTA AM Tour Players will not have access to the restaurant or lounge areas, however Credit Valley GCC will staff the registration and prizing areas for Food & Beverage services.

Credit Valley Golf & Country Club accepts the following forms of payment:

Golf Shop - Visa/Mastercard/Debit
Clubhouse Food & Beverage - Visa/Mastercard/Debit
Halfway House - Cash Only

*Please be sure to plan your visit, and follow all club rules

Tee Times

Start Name Flight
7:30 am Ben Mercier CH
7:30 am Kevin Henhoeffer CH
7:30 am Jaydin Williams CH
7:40 am Jason Castelli CH
7:40 am Colin Labadie CH
7:40 am Matthew MacKay CH
7:50 am Chris Corvese CH
7:50 am Dean Sherman CH
7:50 am Michael Alderman CH
8:00 am Matthew Ova CH
8:00 am Jordan Shanks CH
8:00 am Johnathan Letterio CH
8:10 am Ryan Taylor CH
8:10 am Tony Mills CH
8:10 am John Harrington CH
8:20 am Derek Robinson CH
8:20 am Paul Garcia CH
8:20 am Michael Corvese CH
8:30 am Derek Peters A
8:30 am Doug McNeil SEN
8:30 am Brian Yoon B
8:40 am Michael Conte A
8:40 am Matt Dunlop A
8:40 am Paul Babiak A
8:50 am Sean Harvey A
8:50 am Brian Nicholls A
8:50 am Marc Laverdiere A
9:00 am Chris McLean A
9:00 am James Robins A
9:00 am Rob Serra A
9:10 am Steve Youk A
9:10 am Graham Baldwin A
9:10 am Ben Cooper A
9:20 am Jeremy Choi A
9:20 am Bob Pesarchuk A
9:20 am Adrian Jayne A
9:30 am Brian Coufal A
9:30 am Ryan Vanderveen A
9:30 am Denis Maurice SEN
9:40 am Tony Oliverio A
9:40 am Mike Reynolds A
9:40 am Arjun Tuteja A
9:50 am Chris Beaumont A
9:50 am Mark Van Alstyne A
9:50 am Joe Koinoff A
10:00 am Jim Warner A
10:00 am Damien Cox A
10:00 am Scott Lundy A
10:10 am Nick Davero A
10:10 am Mike McLaren A
10:10 am Mike Mills A
10:20 am Gerry Beasley SEN
10:20 am Gerry Price SEN
10:20 am Lloyd Brown SEN
10:30 am Garry Meyer SEN
10:30 am Ian Smith SEN
10:30 am Franco Aceto SEN
10:40 am Mike Hubbs SEN
10:40 am Ian Murray SEN
10:40 am Dave Beatty SEN
10:50 am Frank O'Brien B
10:50 am Aluc Mooc B
10:50 am Kevin Morris A
11:00 am Sergio Manera SEN
11:00 am Wayne Andrejek B
11:00 am Trevor Philp B
11:10 am Mark Whyte B
11:10 am Ryan Hunter B
11:10 am Georg Leber B
Start Name Flight
11:20 am Tom Easterman B
11:20 am Simon Soares B
11:20 am Jake Naccarato A
11:30 am Mark Matusiak B
11:30 am Sean David B
11:30 am Kha Dang B
11:40 am Andy Schwabe B
11:40 am Matt Howe B
11:40 am Drazen Bratic B
11:50 am Zack Kilislian B
11:50 am Larry Withyman B
11:50 am Tyler Longo B
12:00 pm Eldar Curovic B
12:00 pm Michael Cann B
12:00 pm Lukasz Mordec B
12:10 pm Mark Leslie B
12:10 pm Joseph Ricchio A
12:10 pm Gerry Blokzyl B
12:20 pm Fred Cousineau SEN
12:20 pm Danny Cellupica B
12:20 pm Andrew McBurney B
12:30 pm Mike DiFlorio B
12:30 pm Duane Gomes B
12:30 pm Keith Mosley B
12:40 pm Vic Wiwchar B
12:40 pm David Hoey B
12:40 pm Rick Jones B
12:50 pm Dante Carlos B
12:50 pm David Hunter B
12:50 pm Bill Elliott B
1:00 pm Troy Vigushin B
1:00 pm Mason Magee B
1:00 pm Kirk Figueira B
1:10 pm Tim Hill B
1:10 pm Dave Wildenboer B
1:10 pm Bob Fisher B
1:20 pm Yuri Siniak B
1:20 pm Viktor Golub B
1:20 pm Brad Golden B
1:30 pm Michael Solway B
1:30 pm Andrew Mitchell B
1:30 pm John Waddington B
1:40 pm Krish Nair C
1:40 pm Phong Tran C
1:40 pm Arthur Bekerman C
1:50 pm Howard Wang C
1:50 pm Brian Nash C
1:50 pm Dylan O'Heron C
2:00 pm Patrick McCulloch C
2:00 pm John Harris C
2:00 pm Mike Jodouin C
2:10 pm Lam Vo C
2:10 pm Carl Thompson C
2:10 pm Vojtech Smida C
2:20 pm Scott Mackenzie C
2:20 pm Rod Skelton C
2:20 pm John Duffy C
2:30 pm Jack Leong C
2:30 pm Tal Fadel C
2:30 pm Arie Sibonney C
2:40 pm John Baynham C
2:40 pm Frederik Snel B
2:40 pm Mati Holland C
2:50 pm Sandro Mariani C
2:50 pm Jeffrey Cooper C
2:50 pm Jim Wyatt C
3:00 pm Mark Zemel C
3:00 pm Arthur Vanek B
3:00 pm Garfield Thompson C
3:10 pm Randy Killey R