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For pictures of the golf course, and a look at past events held at Coppinwood, please view our pictures and videos below. 

Photos courtesy of Yurko Photography
April 29, 2018 Photos

Photos and video courtesy Capture Scratch
April 24, 2017 Event Photos
April 24, 2017 Event Video
April 25, 2016 Event Video 
April 25, 2016 Event Photos 
April 27, 2015 Event Video
April 27, 2015 Event Photos
April 28, 2014 Event Photos
April 29, 2013 Event Photos

Virtual Course Tour

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Tee Times

Start Name Flight
9:30 am Tony Mills CH
9:30 am Kevin Henhoeffer CH
9:30 am Jeff Bourret CH
9:39 am Kevin Saindon CH
9:39 am John Harrington CH
9:39 am Mark Rodgers CH
9:48 am Graham McCulloch CH
9:48 am Jay Skukowski CH
9:48 am Dimitar Sevdin CH
9:57 am Michael Corvese CH
9:57 am Michael Saxe A
9:57 am Bob Pesarchuk A
10:06 am Keith Jolly A
10:06 am Denis Maurice SEN
10:06 am Wade McFarlane A
10:15 am Brendan Myles A
10:15 am Mehul Suthar A
10:15 am Josh Hastings CH
10:24 am Pavle Nolan A
10:24 am Jimmy Singh CH
10:24 am Jack Mitchell A
10:33 am James McCartin A
10:33 am Jim Warner CH
10:33 am Terry Vansickle CH
10:42 am Simon Dearden A
10:42 am Adrian Jayne B
10:42 am Cody Schmeiser CH
10:51 am Mark Van Alstyne A
10:51 am Tim Keung A
10:51 am Mike Iley A
11:00 am Robin Hutchins A
11:00 am Jason Westwood A
11:00 am Mike McLaren CH
11:09 am Patrick Marciano A
11:09 am Brian Provencal A
11:09 am Kim Stankiewicz A
11:18 am Rob Serra CH
11:18 am Jeremy Choi A
11:18 am Steve Zimmermann A
11:27 am Mike Mills A
11:27 am Eric Penney CH
11:27 am Tyler Longo A
11:36 am Bill Elliott B
11:36 am Michael Conte A
11:36 am Brian Coufal A
11:45 am Dick Freeborough SEN
11:45 am Eric Doucette SEN
11:45 am Franco Aceto SEN
11:54 am George Vasic SEN
11:54 am Rick Wright SEN
11:54 am Mike Hubbs SEN
12:03 pm Andrew McBurney B
12:03 pm Kirk Figueira B
12:03 pm Emil Kamel B
12:12 pm Mark Matusiak B
12:12 pm David Hoey B
12:12 pm Ed Darlington B
12:21 pm Adil Mughal B
12:21 pm Yuri Siniak B
12:21 pm Trevor Philp B