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Barrie Country Club

7:30am start

For pictures of the golf course, and a look at past events held at Barrie Country Club, please view our pictures and videos below. 

Photos courtesy of Yurko Photography
September 18th, 2019
August 20th, 2018

Photos and video courtesy Capture Scratch.
June 5, 2016 Event Photos
June 6, 2016 Event Video 
June 6, 2016 Event Photos 
June 6, 2016 Event Video
June 8, 2015 Event Video
June 8, 2015 Event Photos
June 2, 2014 Event Photos
June 10, 2013 Event Photos

Course Tour

Please see the Course Scorecard at the top of this page for yardages for this event. Please note the yardages are approximate and could change based on weather and/or course conditions. 

For accommodations for this event, please click here to receive reduced room rates on nearby Choice Hotel facilities.

Barrie Country Club has a limited number of power carts, however the course is a very enjoyable walk, with no major elevation changes.  The carts are not able to be reserved, and will be rented on a first come, first serve basis. 

Barrie Country Club is a cashless facility, only Debit/Visa/Mastercard will be accepted for any purchases.