During the COVID-19 period, the GTA AM TOUR has prepared this document for the purpose of distribution to all players, staff, and host facilities to advocate the measures to be followed from the Provincial Government, Health Officials and Regional Authorities.

All measures are specific to our events, taking into consideration the recommendations from authorities noted above. The GTA AM Tour will follow all guidelines put forth by all levels of government and health officials and will ensure a clear line of communication with each host facility to ensure the safe conduct of everyone while on site.


It is tremendously important that all GTA AM Tour staff and competitors respect everyone who is a part of the event as well as respecting host golf clubs. As everyone knows, it is an honor to play these amazing golf courses and it is our job, as the community that is the GTA Am Tour, to respect everyone who is present that day.  It is the goal of the GTA AM Tour to create a fun yet competitive environment for everyone.

As it is likely that each host facility will have difference COVID-19 guidance, we will need to take that into consideration and be sure to share all this information with Tour players.

The following safety measures and procedures have been put into place to ensure everyone is safe and healthy this season, while playing on The GTA AM Tour.

Table of Contents:




1. Eligibility / Non-Eligibility (During COVID-19)

Players are ineligible to play GTA AM TOUR events for 10 days after the onset of COVID symptoms or they test positive for COVID-19.

2. Tee Time Notification

For all events, players will continue to receive a tee time email within 3 - 5 days of each event.  This email will provide details on additional measures that are not covered below

3. Before You Arrive At The Course

We will indicate, in the tee time email, food & beverage services that will be available.  It is your responsibility to prepare for the day, based on these guidelines.

  1. We will indicate, in the tee time email, if the practice facilities are open and related protocols.
  2. Please pack your own food & drink in case the clubhouse does not offer window service. 
  3. Tour water coolers will NOT be available at events.  Some host clubs may provide water coolers on the course.

4. Registration At The Course

  1. As you approach the parking lot of the host facility, you may be met by a greeter from the host facility (GTA AM Tour will provide one if host club does not). This person will provide you with explicit instructions on how to proceed. The greeter will confirm your tee time and make sure that you have arrived at the designated time, as instructed in the tee-time email
  2. At your first event, immediately upon arrival, please check in at registration to pick up your Tour Sponsor Gift Bag.
  3. After your first event, you will continue to physically check-in at registration.


5. Mobile Scoring

  1. We will be utilizing The GTA AM Tour’s Live Scoring. One player, per group, will be designated to keep scores for all players in their group using a Tour scoring phone.
  3. The Live Scoring marker, for the threesome/group, will be provided with the login password at the first tee. Login password will also be provided on the GTA AM Tour scorecards. To prepare to keep score, the website URL for Live Scoring is: https://gtaamtour.com/scoring

6. On The Course

  1. The Tour will continue to tee players off the first tee in threesomes, every 10 minutes, unless further guidelines have been handed down from governmental bodies or host clubs.
  2. Players should maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet from everyone.
  3. Bring hand sanitizer and use as often as you can, especially before and after using any washrooms.

7. Other Guidelines To Players

  1. Arrival times and check-in policy will be indicated on the tee time email, prior to each event.  This email will cover the following information:
    • What time players can arrive on site (based on tee time)
    • Availability of practice facilities (Driving Range, Putting Green, Short Game Area)

8. Inclement Weather

Because there is no area of shelter that will be able to provide a safe practice of physical distancing, any event where the lightning detection system or air horns are used, all players must return to their vehicles and await further instructions.

Players will be notified of a return to play either in person or by phone, email, text message.

If the players cannot go back on to the golf course, the following measures will take place:

  • If an entire flight that has finished 18 holes, a winner will be awarded for that Flight.
  • If an entire flight has finished 9 holes, but not 18 holes, there will be a winner awarded for that Flight.
  • If the entire flight has not completed 9 holes, the event will be cancelled for that Flight.

9. Cart Vaccination Policy

Unvaccinated players may be required to pay a cart fee for two riders if a fully vaccinated player, with whom they are paired with, requests to ride alone.


1. Guidelines for GTA AM Tour Staff

The main objective this operational plan is to ensure the health and safety of everyone during our events.  All GTA AM Tour staff will be notified, prior to each event, as to any current protocols relating to COVID-19.  Each staff member must ensure that they are healthy and, to the best of their abilities declare that they are symptom free.

Staff members must not attend GTA AM TOUR events for 10 days after the onset of COVID symptoms or they test positive for COVID-19.

2. While At Events

  1. At each event, tour team members will have access to the following:
    1. Mask
    2. Gloves
    3. Hand Sanitizer
    4. Disinfectant Wipes or Cleaner