Tuesday May 22 at Devil's Pulpit GA - Paintbrush

Tee Times Course Scorecard

Devil's Pulpit GA - Paintbrush

8:00am start

May 23, 2017 Event Photos 
May 23, 2017 Event Video
September 6, 2016 Event Photos
September 6, 2016 Event Video

Please see the Course Scorecard at the top of this page for yardages for this event. Please note the yardages are approximate and could change based on weather and/or course conditions. 

For accommodations for this event, please click here to receive reduced room rates on nearby Choice Hotel facilities.

The Devil's Paintbrush is a very unique golfing experience, one that the GTA AM Tour is lucky to have on its schedule.  Having said that, here are some things to consider about the facilities, and golf course, that all players should be aware of:

  • The parking lot is quite small, we would encourage players to carpool. Please visit the carpooling section of at the top of this event page and log into your Tour account to view this information. 
  • Pull carts will not be allowed, players walking can only carry (This is a club rules for its members as well)
  • The driving range is a "warm-up" range, and is irons only, maximum distance is 180 yards (This will be strictly enforced)
  • There are a limited number of power carts, however the course is a very enjoyable walk.  The carts are not able to be reserved, and will be rented on a first come, first serve basis.  All players are asked to log into their profile, and choose whether they would like to take a cart that day, this will allow us to properly prepare the groupings.
  • There are no locker rooms at this facility, only a washroom and a change room.

For more information on the course layout, please click here to view a hole by hole layout.  If you have not played this golf course before, we strongly encourage you take time to review each hole, as there are a number of challenging holes. 

Please click here to view the hole-by-hole course guide. 

Tee Times

Start Name Flight
11:20 am Bob Pesarchuk A
11:30 am Peter Labelle A
11:30 am Ryan Hunter B
11:30 am Arjun Tuteja A
11:40 am Josh Hastings A
11:40 am Jeff Lundy A
11:40 am Rob Mackenzie CH
11:50 am Chris Mulchinock A
11:50 am Alex Milosavljevic A
11:50 am Jeff Webber B
12:00 pm Mehul Suthar A
12:00 pm Paolo Zulian A
12:00 pm Robin Roopchan A
12:10 pm Stephen Bulger B
12:10 pm Massimo Giovannetti A
12:10 pm Jordan Hutchinson A
12:20 pm Dinny Relacion A
12:20 pm Anthony Wald A
12:20 pm Brian Yoon B
12:30 pm Matt Enoksen CH
12:30 pm Zack Kilislian A
12:30 pm Kim Stankiewicz A
12:40 pm Jack Mitchell A
12:40 pm Mark O'Neill A
12:40 pm Florante Balagasay A
12:50 pm Brian Provencal A
12:50 pm Paul Ready A
12:50 pm Bob Chapman A
1:00 pm Murray Heywood A
1:00 pm Sean Culhane A
1:00 pm Danny MacDonald A
1:10 pm Mark Roszell SEN
1:10 pm Dave Beatty SEN
1:10 pm Todd Stones SEN
1:20 pm Ross Scanlon SEN
1:20 pm Mike Reynolds A
1:30 pm Peter Richard SEN
1:30 pm David Tollefson SEN
1:30 pm Dick Freeborough SEN
1:40 pm Don Johnson SEN
1:40 pm John Stanford SEN
1:40 pm Ian Murray SEN
1:50 pm Eric Doucette SEN
1:50 pm Gerry Price SEN
2:00 pm Garry Meyer SEN
2:00 pm Jim Curren SEN
2:10 pm Mark Walley SEN
2:10 pm Gerry Beasley SEN
2:10 pm John Hoefkens SEN
2:20 pm Bob Klassen SEN
2:20 pm Steve Burch SEN
2:20 pm Denis Maurice SEN
2:30 pm Walter Kraus SEN
2:30 pm Ian Smith SEN
2:30 pm Sergio Manera B
2:40 pm Andrew Paterson A
2:40 pm David Arsenault SEN
2:40 pm Rick Wright SEN
2:50 pm Carol Taylor W
2:50 pm Loretta Chatoff W