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Cedar Brae Golf Club

7:00am start

For pictures of the golf course, and a look at past events held at Cedar Brae, please view our photo albums below. Photos and video courtesy Capture Scratch.

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August 8, 2016 Event Photos
August 8, 2016 Event Video
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August 12, 2013 Event Photos

Course Tour

Please see the Course Scorecard at the top of this page for yardages for this event. Please note the yardages are approximate and could change based on weather and/or course conditions. 

For accommodations for this event, please click here to receive reduced room rates on nearby Choice Hotel facilities.

There will be a draw at this event for a 7Camicie Italian designer dress shirt, valued at $150 .

Honsberger Physio+ will be at this event offering 20-minute treatments.  They will only be offering a certain number of sessions per event, so be sure to book your spot!

Cost for a session will be $40 (Cash only).  Invoices will be sent within 48 hours of service via email.

To book your time slot please visit: 

Tee Times

Start Name Flight
7:00 am Morgan Rubes CH
7:00 am Craig Sealy CH
7:00 am Eric Velanoff CH
7:10 am Xuechen Yu CH
7:10 am Tom Cranston CH
7:10 am Brad Byers CH
7:20 am Johnathan Letterio CH
7:20 am Aaron Nemtean CH
7:20 am Chad Anderson CH
7:30 am Derek Robinson CH
7:30 am Kevin Saindon CH
7:30 am Jim Russell CH
7:40 am Mike Kavander CH
7:40 am Jordan Shanks CH
7:40 am Kevin Henhoeffer CH
7:50 am Jay Skukowski CH
7:50 am Tony Mills CH
7:50 am Michael Alderman CH
8:00 am Chris Corvese CH
8:00 am Michael Corvese CH
8:00 am Kirk Figueira B
8:10 am Christopher Curtis CH
8:10 am Joshua Kingsmill CH
8:10 am Scott Lundy CH
8:20 am Jonathan Lam CH
8:20 am Steven Hong CH
8:30 am Derek Peters A
8:30 am Jeff Truman A
8:30 am Michael Vettese A
8:40 am Brian Yoon B
8:40 am Mark Gibson A
8:40 am Bob Chapman A
8:50 am Terry Vansickle A
8:50 am Pat Carew A
8:50 am Rob Serra A
9:00 am Jason Westwood A
9:00 am Jibson Mamerto A
9:00 am Chris Beaumont A
9:10 am Michael Alcott A
9:10 am Ronan Quinn A
9:10 am Sean Harvey CH
9:20 am Derek Kurelo A
9:20 am Paul Corner A
9:20 am Massimo Giovannetti A
9:30 am Florante Balagasay A
9:30 am Mike Reynolds A
9:30 am Alex Milosavljevic A
9:40 am Simon Dearden A
9:40 am Jeremy Choi A
9:40 am Jason Baumeister A
9:50 am Robin Roopchan A
9:50 am Doug Remmer A
9:50 am Jeff Gatcke A
10:00 am Kyle Rourke A
10:00 am Jon Martin A
10:00 am Jim Warner A
10:10 am Josh Hastings A
10:10 am Chris Mulchinock A
10:10 am Dustin Friedman A
10:20 am Break Time
10:30 am Zack Kilislian A
10:30 am Bob Pesarchuk A
10:30 am Ranjit Gill B
10:40 am Marc Laverdiere A
Start Name Flight
10:40 am Jules Fabbri A
10:40 am Jack Mitchell A
10:50 am Denis Maurice SEN
10:50 am Tim Seabrook SEN
10:50 am Jim Wyatt B
11:00 am Gerry Beasley SEN
11:00 am Greg Kearns SEN
11:00 am Rick Wright SEN
11:10 am David Arsenault SEN
11:10 am Dick Freeborough SEN
11:10 am Paul Kelly SEN
11:20 am Adam Angilletta B
11:20 am Brad Golden B
11:20 am Vic Wiwchar B
11:30 am Bob Lukewich B
11:30 am Anthony Matiya B
11:30 am Jake Naccarato B
11:40 am Brian Bulla B
11:40 am Joseph Berberich B
11:40 am Phong Le B
11:50 am Jason Child B
11:50 am Ryan Hunter B
11:50 am Frederik Snel B
12:00 pm Mark Leslie B
12:00 pm Andrew Branigan C
12:00 pm Josh Moore B
12:10 pm Simon Soares B
12:10 pm G.M. Milan B
12:10 pm Paul Clark B
12:20 pm Rob Colaricci B
12:20 pm Andrew Mitchell B
12:20 pm Georg Leber B
12:30 pm Joseph Ricchio B
12:30 pm Rick Jones B
12:30 pm Frank O'Brien B
12:40 pm John Waddington B
12:40 pm Andrew Rusk B
12:40 pm Mike DiFlorio B
12:50 pm Duane Gomes B
12:50 pm Dante Carlos B
12:50 pm Charles Guan B
1:00 pm Tyler Murdoch B
1:00 pm Mark Matusiak B
1:00 pm Norm Bischof B
1:10 pm Vlatko Divic C
1:10 pm Michael Milner C
1:20 pm Scott Mackenzie C
1:20 pm Joseph Warren C
1:20 pm Harjeet Gill C
1:30 pm Ron Kuus C
1:30 pm Lam Vo C
1:30 pm Brian Nash C
1:40 pm Patrick McCulloch C
1:40 pm Tal Fadel C
1:40 pm Colen Colthurst C
1:50 pm Jack Leong C
1:50 pm John Harris C
1:50 pm Carl Thompson C
2:00 pm Andrew McBurney C
2:00 pm Josh Silverman C
2:00 pm Sandro Mariani C
2:10 pm Barbara Rodd C
2:10 pm Anne Chun W
2:10 pm Randy Killey R