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Wyndance Golf Club

7:30am Start

For pictures of the golf course, and a look at past events held at Wyndance, please view our pictures and videos below. Photos and video courtesy Capture Scratch.

2014 GTA AM Tour Event Video @ Wyndance
Sept. 2, 2014 Event Photos

For accommodations for this event, please contact Official Tour Hotelier Choice Hotels to book accommodations and receive your Tour player discounted rate. Honsberger Physio will be at this event providing players with a pre-round alignment/massage. Be sure to get there early as they have been getting busier! 

Competitors will play from the following yardages at Wyndance Golf Club:

Champ Flight - Blue (6600 Yards)
A Flight - Silver (6400 Yards)
B Flight - White (6200 Yards)
C Flight - White (6200 Yards)

These yardages refer to the course tee decks that the GTA AM Tour will base its yardage from.  However, please be sure to follow the appropriate GTA AM Tour tee markers during each event.

Please note that these yardages are approximate and could change based on course/weather conditions.

DISCOUNTED EVENT FEES AT CLUBLINK COURSES FOR CLUBLINK MEMBERS Tour players, who are also ClubLink members will receive, courtesy of ClubLink, event discounts at the Grandview (Mazda Muskoka Major) National Pines (BMO World Elite MasterCard Major) and Wyndance (P.J. Dermody Classic) events. ClubLink will not be charging The Tour for you to play at those events. The Tour will charge you the full amount (as the billing is automated) but will then refund you the difference between the event fee and $80. In order to take advantage of this discount, players must email the Head Professional and Mark Young at least 7 days prior to the event to let him/her know that you will be playing in the event.

Tee Times

Start Name Flight
7:30 am Cam Gordon CH
7:30 am Tom Fraser CH
7:30 am Martin Gorman A
7:40 am Jason Gruenberg CH
7:40 am Aidan Brennan A
7:40 am Ryan Taylor CH
7:50 am Steven Oletic CH
7:50 am Dallas McKeough CH
7:50 am Chris Harwood CH
8:00 am Doug Brophy CH
8:00 am Doug McNeil CH
8:00 am Arjun Tuteja CH
8:10 am Kusal Fernando CH
8:10 am Dan Pickles A
8:10 am J.J. Borromeo CH
8:20 am Zac Viminitz CH
8:20 am Dakota Sheridan CH
8:20 am Shavi Kahlon CH
8:30 am P.J. Corvese A
8:30 am Jim Tadeson A
8:30 am Matthew MacKay CH
8:40 am Rick Wright A
8:40 am Jordan Hutchinson A
8:40 am Robin Hutchins A
8:50 am Ian Murray A
8:50 am John Gillan A
8:50 am Paul Corner A
9:00 am Chris Mulchinock A
9:00 am Don Carter A
9:00 am Paul Inglis B
9:10 am Darryl Scott A
9:10 am Jeff Shuster A
9:10 am Jay Cassidy A
9:20 am Rickart New A
9:20 am Sean David A
9:20 am Jeff Gatcke A
9:30 am Anthony Doran A
9:30 am Mike Reynolds A
9:30 am Jeremy Choi A
9:40 am Bruce MacDonald B
9:40 am Matt Ward A
9:40 am Chris Corvese A
9:50 am Bill Jones CH
9:50 am Florante Balagasay A
9:50 am Anthony Howell A
10:00 am Steve Dranfield A
10:00 am John Farrugia A
10:00 am Jeff Truman A
10:10 am Dave Beatty A
10:10 am Michael Corvese A
10:10 am Mike Hubbs A
10:20 am Mark O'Neill A
10:20 am Dean Weber A
10:20 am Jason Baumeister A
10:30 am Jordan Lebel A
10:30 am Brent Brandham A
10:30 am Scott Lundy A
10:40 am Shai Verma A
10:40 am Murray Heywood A
10:40 am Michael Vettese A
10:50 am Steve Zimmermann A
10:50 am Brian Provencal A
10:50 am Chris Lucas B
10:50 am Jordon Newlands A
11:00 am Bob Chapman A
11:00 am Michael Alcott B
11:00 am Sentilar Sebastian A
11:10 am Break Time
11:20 am Gerry Beasley B
Start Name Flight
11:20 am Russ Anderson B
11:20 am Derek Peters B
11:30 am Steve Bell B
11:30 am Matthew Lawrence C
11:30 am Jake Naccarato B
11:40 am John Waddington B
11:40 am Ian Ervine B
11:40 am Andrew Mitchell B
11:50 am Mark Lawrence B
11:50 am John Baty B
11:50 am Larry Withyman B
12:00 pm George Vasic B
12:00 pm Krish Nair B
12:00 pm Michael Solway B
12:10 pm Michael Cann B
12:10 pm Dick Freeborough B
12:10 pm Glen Watt B
12:20 pm Sean Hoy B
12:20 pm Bob Fisher B
12:20 pm Brad Golden B
12:30 pm Shawn La Rue B
12:30 pm Kirk Figueira B
12:30 pm Vic Wiwchar B
12:40 pm Mark Roszell B
12:40 pm Larry Foschia B
12:40 pm Terry Smith B
12:50 pm Brett Parry B
12:50 pm Frederik Snel B
12:50 pm Tom Lumsden B
1:00 pm Louis-Philippe Beauchemin A
1:00 pm Adam Angilletta B
1:10 pm Mark Matusiak B
1:10 pm Duane Gomes B
1:10 pm Lukasz Mordec B
1:20 pm Sharad Kerur C
1:20 pm Rick Jones C
1:20 pm Mike DiFlorio B
1:30 pm John Duffy C
1:30 pm Jeff Zajac C
1:30 pm Chris Ruberto C
1:40 pm Steve Roberts C
1:40 pm Sandy Zajac C
1:40 pm Bob Read C
1:50 pm Franco Aceto C
1:50 pm Joe Bondi C
1:50 pm Garry Anderson C
2:00 pm Jack Leong C
2:00 pm Gerry Deschenes C
2:00 pm Brian Nash C
2:10 pm John Harris C
2:10 pm Tom Hawkett C
2:10 pm Rob Martel C
2:20 pm Michael Milner C
2:20 pm George Stephenson C
2:20 pm John Beattie R
2:30 pm Christa Brown W
2:30 pm Pat McCulloch C
2:30 pm Carl Thompson C
2:40 pm Al Ottaway C
2:40 pm Chris Beach B
2:40 pm John Brown C
2:50 pm Kevin Wallwork SA
2:50 pm Rizalde Cuachon SB
2:50 pm Ken May SB
3:00 pm Denise Schaefer W
3:00 pm Sandra Stuckless W
3:10 pm Peter Richard R
3:10 pm Holly Stallan R
3:10 pm Jeff Lundy R