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Scarboro Golf & Country Club

Tee times will start at 8:00am

For pictures of the golf course, and a look at past events held at Scarboro Golf Club, please view our pictures and videos below. Photos and video courtesy Capture Scratch.

May 8, 2017 Event Photos
May 8, 2017 Event Video
May 9, 2016 Event Photos   
May 9, 2016 Event Video   
May 11, 2015 Event Photos 
July 21, 2014 Event Photos

Course Tour

Please see the Course Scorecard at the top of this page for yardages for this event. Please note the yardages are approximate and could change based on weather and/or course conditions. 

Honsberger Physio will be at this event providing players with a pre-round alignment/massage.

Scarboro GCC will accept the following forms of payment:

  • Proshop - Debit/Credit Only (Cash will be accepted, however you will need exact change, cart fee is $25)
  • Clubhouse/Restaurant - Debit/Credit only
  • Oasis Bar (On-course) - Cash Only

You may also charge back to you home club in any of these locations.

Tee Times

Start Name Flight
8:00 am TJ Rule CH
8:00 am Chris McGrath A
8:00 am Michael Farnum CH
8:10 am Nolan Shulman CH
8:10 am Michael Delic CH
8:10 am Tony Mills CH
8:20 am Brad Murphy A
8:20 am Morgan Rubes CH
8:30 am Mike Hubbs CH
8:30 am Bob Klassen SEN
8:30 am Ryan Taylor CH
8:40 am David Goodman CH
8:40 am Michael Corvese CH
8:40 am Mike Hastings CH
8:50 am Bob Pesarchuk A
8:50 am Robin Roopchan A
8:50 am Jeff Eschle CH
9:00 am Errol Lake A
9:00 am Chris Beaumont A
9:00 am Arjun Tuteja A
9:10 am Paul Babiak A
9:10 am Paul Lawrence A
9:10 am Ryan Jarrell A
9:20 am Anthony Wald A
9:20 am Christos Manalis A
9:20 am Ronan Quinn A
9:30 am Ryan Hunter B
9:30 am Vince Marra A
9:30 am Kim Stankiewicz A
9:40 am Murray Heywood A
9:40 am Trent Shapcott A
9:40 am Simon Dearden A
9:50 am Derek Peters A
9:50 am Marc Laverdiere A
9:50 am Kevin Chase A
10:00 am Jeremy Choi A
10:00 am Glen Parsneau SEN
10:00 am Jason Baumeister A
10:10 am Zack Kilislian A
10:10 am Kevin Saindon CH
10:10 am Mehul Suthar A
10:20 am Tim Seabrook SEN
10:20 am John Hoefkens SEN
10:20 am Chris Mulchinock A
10:30 am Mark Lalonde SEN
10:30 am Frank Stocco SEN
10:30 am Tom Trei SEN
10:40 am Gerry Beasley SEN
10:40 am Mike Reynolds A
10:40 am Steve Burch SEN
10:50 am Ken May SEN
10:50 am Harald Ois SEN
10:50 am Walter Kraus SEN
11:00 am Michael Solway B
11:00 am John Waddington B
11:00 am Tom Easterman B
11:10 am Rick Jones B
11:10 am Matt Howe B
11:10 am Brett Parry B
11:20 am Mark Whyte B
11:20 am David MacLachlan B
11:20 am Frank O'Brien B
11:30 am Mark Van Alstyne B
Start Name Flight
11:30 am Michael Cann B
11:30 am Wayne Amirault SEN
11:40 am Franco Aceto SEN
11:40 am Saleem Shah B
11:40 am Rob Shevalier A
11:50 am Rob Colaricci B
11:50 am Arthur Vanek C
11:50 am Jim Wyatt B
12:00 pm Peter Cuthbert B
12:00 pm Andrew Newell B
12:00 pm Dave Hepditch B
12:10 pm Sandro Mariani C
12:10 pm Bryan McWilliams B
12:10 pm Duane Gomes B
12:20 pm Andrew Mitchell B
12:20 pm Bob Fisher B
12:20 pm A.J. Tibayan B
12:30 pm Kirk Figueira B
12:30 pm Jason Westwood A
12:30 pm Jake Naccarato B
12:40 pm Frederik Snel B
12:40 pm Terry Ryan B
12:40 pm David Lichacz B
12:50 pm Bob Lukewich B
12:50 pm Brad Golden B
12:50 pm Steven Teo C
1:00 pm Norm Bischof B
1:00 pm Vic Wiwchar B
1:00 pm Andrew Schlueter B
1:10 pm Mark Matusiak B
1:10 pm Manny Serrano B
1:10 pm Krish Nair B
1:20 pm James Williams C
1:20 pm Jeff Cowdrey C
1:20 pm Dillon Strachan B
1:30 pm George Stephenson C
1:30 pm Sharad Kerur C
1:30 pm Greg MacNeil C
1:40 pm Jack Leong C
1:40 pm Arthur Bekerman C
1:40 pm Scott Mackenzie C
1:50 pm Andrew McBurney C
1:50 pm Bob Sikorski C
1:50 pm Yuri Siniak C
2:00 pm Brian Nash C
2:00 pm Patrick McCulloch C
2:00 pm Ron Kuus C
2:10 pm Carl Thompson C
2:10 pm Anisur Salim C
2:10 pm Chris Williams C
2:20 pm Mark Rodrigues C
2:20 pm Garfield Thompson C
2:20 pm Vojtech Smida C
2:30 pm Peter Gatzios C
2:30 pm Steve Roberts C
2:30 pm Joseph Warren C
2:40 pm John Duffy C
2:40 pm Marc Tima C
2:40 pm Anne Chun W
2:50 pm Randy Killey R
2:50 pm Kenny Rogers R
2:50 pm Ian James R
3:00 pm Break Time