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Granite Golf Club

7:30am Start

The GTA AM Tour will also have a strict code of conduct for this event:

- Cellular phones may be used in the parking lot ONLY (Silent/Vibrate setting may be used for texting and email on course and in the clubhouse)
- No hats are to be worn in the clubhouse
- All shirts MUST be tucked in

Please refer to the following link for the full guest dress code and etiquette policy

Granite Golf Club Dress Code and Etiquette Policy

Accepted forms of payment and Food & Beverage hours of operation:

Golf Shop - Debit/Credit
Clubhouse & Restaurant - Debit/Credit (Open at 10:00am)

Honsberger Physio+ will be at this event offering 20-minute treatments.  They will only be offering a certain number of sessions per event, so be sure to book your spot!

Cost for a session will be $40 (Cash only).  Invoices will be sent within 48 hours of service via email.

To book your time slot please visit: 

Tee Times

Start Name Flight
7:30 am Tony Mills CH
7:30 am Robin Roopchan A
7:30 am Martin Gorman B
7:40 am Kevin Henhoeffer CH
7:40 am Trent Shapcott A
7:40 am Shavi Kahlon CH
7:50 am Tom Macaulay CH
7:50 am Tom Whitaker CH
7:50 am Johnathan Letterio CH
8:00 am Tom Nowak A
8:00 am Adam Fritz CH
8:00 am Dave Hemstad CH
8:10 am Mike Hand CH
8:10 am Bruce Cram CH
8:10 am Michael Alderman CH
8:20 am David Goodman CH
8:20 am Ryan Taylor CH
8:20 am Mark Rodgers CH
8:30 am Chris Corvese CH
8:30 am Brian Shultis CH
8:30 am Mike Hubbs CH
8:40 am Murray Blair CH
8:40 am Graham McCulloch CH
8:40 am Jeff Eschle CH
8:50 am Chris Mulchinock A
8:50 am Jeff Truman A
8:50 am Eldar Curovic A
9:00 am Errol Lake A
9:00 am Mehul Suthar A
9:00 am Peter Labelle A
9:10 am Eric Penney A
9:10 am Jack Mitchell A
9:10 am Florante Balagasay A
9:20 am Adrian Jayne A
9:20 am Bob Pesarchuk A
9:20 am Sean Harvey CH
9:30 am Mike Reynolds A
9:30 am Chris Beaumont A
9:30 am Massimo Giovannetti A
9:40 am Michael Vettese A
9:40 am Marty Sullivan A
9:40 am Bob Chapman A
9:50 am Mark O'Neill A
9:50 am Arjun Tuteja A
9:50 am Steve Zimmermann A
10:00 am Jordan Duviner A
10:00 am Jules Fabbri A
10:00 am Scott Lundy CH
10:00 am Tim Hand A
10:10 am Michael Alcott A
10:10 am Anthony Wald A
10:20 am Adil Mughal A
10:20 am Sean Culhane A
10:20 am Steve Bell A
10:30 am Zack Kilislian A
10:30 am Derek Peters A
10:30 am Simon Dearden A
10:40 am George Vasic SEN
10:40 am Ted Mader SEN
10:40 am Laz Nussis A
10:50 am Peter Richard SEN
10:50 am Axel Panknin SEN
11:00 am Ian Murray SEN
11:00 am Greg Kearns SEN
11:00 am Andy Schwabe B
11:10 am David Arsenault SEN
11:10 am Gerry Price SEN
11:10 am Paul Kelly SEN
11:20 am Kevin Wallwork SEN
Start Name Flight
11:20 am Dick Freeborough SEN
11:20 am Gerry Beasley SEN
11:30 am Paul Inglis SEN
11:30 am Eric Doucette SEN
11:40 am John Baynham C
11:40 am John Baty C
11:40 am Dustin Friedman A
11:50 am Frank O'Brien B
11:50 am Rob Colaricci B
11:50 am Mark Leslie B
12:00 pm Phong Le B
12:00 pm David Lichacz B
12:00 pm David MacLachlan B
12:10 pm Franco Aceto SEN
12:10 pm Duane Gomes B
12:10 pm Mark Lawrence B
12:20 pm Ryan Hunter B
12:20 pm Brett Parry B
12:20 pm Krish Nair B
12:30 pm Andrew Newell B
12:30 pm Mark Matusiak B
12:30 pm Rick Jones B
12:40 pm Paul Keilty B
12:40 pm Michael Cann B
12:40 pm Jeff Anthofer B
12:50 pm Georg Leber B
12:50 pm Bob Fisher B
12:50 pm Jason Child B
1:00 pm Brad Golden B
1:00 pm Mark Whyte B
1:00 pm Andrew Mitchell B
1:10 pm Kirk Figueira B
1:10 pm G.M. Milan B
1:10 pm John Fitzgerald B
1:20 pm Darcy Head A
1:20 pm Rob Wilkes C
1:20 pm Sean David B
1:30 pm Frederik Snel B
1:30 pm Vic Wiwchar B
1:30 pm Mike DiFlorio B
1:40 pm Dante Carlos B
1:40 pm Terry Ryan B
1:40 pm Paul Dermody B
1:50 pm Carl Thompson C
1:50 pm Bill Mills C
1:50 pm Albert Castillo C
2:00 pm John Harris C
2:00 pm Roy Albon C
2:00 pm Steve Roberts C
2:10 pm John Duffy C
2:10 pm Jack Leong C
2:10 pm Richard Coates C
2:20 pm Ken Graham C
2:20 pm Tal Fadel C
2:20 pm Ron Kuus C
2:30 pm Arthur Bekerman C
2:30 pm Joseph Warren C
2:30 pm George Olak C
2:40 pm Brian Nash C
2:40 pm Josh Silverman C
2:40 pm Vojtech Smida C
2:50 pm Mark Zemel C
2:50 pm Peter Gatzios C
2:50 pm Rob Meloche C
3:00 pm Andrew McBurney C
3:00 pm Syed Khasimuddin C
3:00 pm Sandy Zajac C
3:10 pm Paula Kuzic W
3:10 pm Anne Chun W
3:10 pm Randy Killey R