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Devil's Pulpit GA - Pulpit

7:30 First Tee Start

For pictures of the golf course, and a look at past events held at Devil's Pulpit, please view our pictures and videos below. Photos and video courtesy Capture Scratch.

Sept 5, 2017 Event Photos
May 24, 2016 Event Video
May 24, 2016 Event Photos
May 19, 2015 Event Video
May 19, 2015 Event Photos
May 5, 2014 Event Photos
2012 Tour Championship Photos - Oct.1&2

Course Tour

For accommodations for this event, please click here to receive reduced room rates on nearby Choice Hotel facilities.

Honsberger Physio+ will be at this event offering 20-minute treatments.  They will only be offering a certain number of sessions per event, so be sure to book your spot!

Cost for a session will be $40 (Cash only).  Invoices will be sent within 48 hours of service via email.

To book your time slot please visit: 

Please see the Course Scorecard at the top of this page for yardages for this event. Please note the yardages are approximate and could change based on weather and/or course conditions. 


Please note that the golf shop does not accept cash, debit/credit only.  All forms of payment can be used at the clubhouse.

Tee Times

Start Name Flight
7:30 am Trent Shapcott A
7:30 am Dan Findlay CH
7:30 am John Atherton CH
7:40 am Dean Sherman CH
7:50 am Joe Koinoff A
7:50 am Mike Hastings CH
7:50 am Michael Alderman CH
8:00 am Kacper Pacewicz CH
8:00 am Tom Whitaker CH
8:00 am Mitch Lawn CH
8:10 am Brad Byers CH
8:10 am Michael Corvese CH
8:10 am Terry Condon CH
8:20 am Chris Corvese CH
8:20 am Dave Field CH
8:20 am Henry Luel CH
8:30 am Kevin Saindon CH
8:30 am Joshua Kingsmill CH
8:30 am Nolan Shulman CH
8:40 am Jeff Truman A
8:40 am Mark Gibson A
8:40 am Mike Mills B
8:50 am Robert Stodgell A
8:50 am Sean Harvey CH
8:50 am Danny MacDonald A
9:00 am Brian Kruk A
9:00 am Kyle Dickson A
9:00 am Jason Child B
9:10 am Jeff Webber B
9:10 am Dinny Relacion A
9:10 am Adrian Jayne A
9:20 am Derek Kurelo A
9:20 am Tim Hand A
9:20 am Christos Manalis A
9:30 am Kim Stankiewicz A
9:30 am Mike Reynolds A
9:30 am Peter Labelle A
9:40 am Josh Hastings A
9:40 am Michael Alcott A
9:40 am Johnathan Letterio CH
9:50 am Brent Brandham A
9:50 am Mike Roberts A
9:50 am Jed Charette A
10:00 am Bob Pesarchuk A
10:00 am Errol Lake A
10:00 am Jack Mitchell A
10:10 am Ronan Quinn A
10:10 am Marc Laverdiere A
10:10 am Jordan Hutchinson A
10:10 am Marty Sullivan A
10:20 am Jules Fabbri A
10:20 am Brian Coufal A
10:20 am Murray Heywood A
10:30 am Adil Mughal A
10:30 am Eldar Curovic A
10:30 am Steve Zimmermann A
10:40 am Dave Beatty SEN
10:40 am Gord Tellier SEN
10:40 am Matthew Kasujja B
10:50 am Axel Panknin SEN
10:50 am Dave Ponesse SEN
10:50 am Walter Kraus SEN
11:00 am Gerry Price SEN
11:00 am Paul Inglis SEN
11:00 am David Arsenault SEN
11:10 am Tom Francis SEN
11:10 am Dick Freeborough SEN
11:10 am Martin Gorman B
11:20 am Greg Kearns SEN
11:20 am Denis Maurice SEN
Start Name Flight
11:20 am Todd Stones SEN
11:30 am Peter Cuthbert B
11:30 am Tom Easterman B
11:30 am Vic Wiwchar B
11:40 am Rick Jones B
11:40 am Andrew Mitchell B
11:40 am John Waddington B
11:50 am John Hunter B
11:50 am Jake Naccarato B
11:50 am Dante Carlos B
12:00 pm Jeff Anthofer B
12:00 pm Bob Fisher B
12:00 pm Ryan Hunter B
12:10 pm Simon Soares B
12:10 pm Franco Aceto SEN
12:10 pm Phong Tran B
12:20 pm Mark Matusiak B
12:20 pm Thomas Buchberg B
12:20 pm Josh Silverman C
12:30 pm Adam Brinn B
12:30 pm Mark Whyte B
12:40 pm Georg Leber B
12:40 pm Steve Strohack B
12:40 pm Frederik Snel B
12:50 pm Charles Guan B
12:50 pm Mark Leslie B
12:50 pm Mike Baron B
1:00 pm Andrew Rusk B
1:00 pm Sean David B
1:00 pm Darcy Head A
1:10 pm James Vert B
1:10 pm Kha Dang C
1:10 pm Michael Cann B
1:20 pm Rob Haynes B
1:20 pm Jim Wyatt B
1:20 pm Arthur Vanek C
1:30 pm Rob Wilkes C
1:30 pm Andrew Newell B
1:30 pm Frank O'Brien B
1:40 pm Wayne Andrejek B
1:40 pm Neil Brown B
1:40 pm Chris Mack B
1:50 pm Rob Colaricci B
1:50 pm John Baynham C
1:50 pm Joseph Ricchio B
2:00 pm Ranjit Gill B
2:00 pm Troy Vigushin B
2:00 pm Cory Haslam A
2:10 pm Bob Read C
2:10 pm Paul Ungureanu C
2:10 pm George Olak C
2:20 pm Joseph Warren C
2:20 pm G.M. Milan B
2:20 pm Harjeet Gill C
2:30 pm Mark Rodrigues C
2:30 pm Anisur Salim C
2:30 pm John Duffy C
2:40 pm John Harris C
2:40 pm Ken Graham C
2:40 pm Tal Fadel C
2:50 pm Colen Colthurst C
2:50 pm George Stephenson C
2:50 pm Greg McPhee C
3:00 pm Yuri Siniak C
3:00 pm Carl Thompson C
3:10 pm Syed Khasimuddin C
3:10 pm Khalid Nabbie C
3:10 pm Sandro Mariani C
3:20 pm Loretta Chatoff W
3:20 pm Paula Kuzic W